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Jeanne Antide Vocational school and its training center are managing about 450 students from fourteen to twenty years and 100 adult learners.

Professional education must be creative to teach and engage students in their learning. The school works hard on civic education based projects, internships and study tours, active learning.

When learners arrive at the age of 14 or 15 in our school, we focus on the community life which is the foundation of respect and sharing. Our learners will essentially take an interest in the personal services, trade of organic products, and pet trade and care. Our school is located next to Switzerland and Geneva. This place attracts many people from all over the world.

Students are confronted with multicultural awareness. Our learners have different cultural backgrounds. Learning another language helps to share their different experiences and take some distance with their own culture. The school would like to promote mobility and is involved in many European and local projects to support the work of associations and trade organizations of organic and local products, human services and animal care.
The school tries to share in the joy and involves methods of positive and active teaching requesting the participation of many professionals (theater, exhibitions, forums, shows, tours, talent shows, study visits, active learning, internships and European courses) all of these teaching methods bring the qualities needed to work in all areas chosen by our learners. It gives them self-confidence necessary to help people of all ages and backgrounds they will encounter in the workplace.

The school practice European motilities since 2008 in Europe (Malta, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, England, and Germany) in the personal services, sales and pet care. The school has been entertaining students from Latvia and Spain and places them in different companies for three years (veterinary clinics, restaurants, and food production). The need for training in animal care is confirmed in the region. Hosting European trainees strengthens our teaching and educational skills and the training with local businesses like veterinary clinics is efficient.

We hope to educate students to enterprise’s approach and active learning, to educate students to European values and exchanges towards training periods during their 3-year studies and to motivate the use of social networks to promote the teaching and the trainings of the students.
We hope the students will share their European experience thanks to the use of social networks and European partners’ networks.


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